Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment printing is great for full color images on t-shirts.  Images with heavy coverage, lots of colors, photo realistic, and fades to the shirt excel on direct to garment printing.

DTG printing is a multistep process where the shirt is first pre-treated with a fluid so that the ink has a base to adhere to the shirt.  It is then printed digitally with CMYK+2 water base inks, and then finally cured in a tunnel dryer.  On some colors you can see the pre-treat overspray until after the first wash.

Direct to Garment prints have a soft hand, great vibrancy, and good wash fastness.  Small text, or very sharp edges are not recommended for Direct to Garment printing, as well as we do not recommend direct to garment printing on fleece unless after a vintage faded look.

At Action, we contract with the latest state of the art Direct to Garment printing.  We have gone through testing to find the latest and greatest option for quality and price.

We utilize the M&R Maverick printer, which is currently the best technology available.


DTG Examples

DTG Summary


  • Unlimited CMYK Colors
  • Fades to Shirt and Distressed Images
  • Soft Hand, good quality feel on garment
  • Cost effective in lower quantity / high color images


  • Doesn't work well on fleece
  • Some colors show pre-treat stain pre-washing
  • Doesn't do well for small text
  • Edges not as sharp as other methods


Most often, the image and garment dictate the best decoration method, so send us your artwork and we can recommend the best method.