Embroidery is done by converting your image to stitches with a process called digitizing.  Then applying a hoop to the item, a stabilizer, and stitching the logo with thread colors that match your colors as close as what is available.

Embroidery works best on heavier garments, outerwear, accessories and headwear.  There is often a higher perceived value of an embroidered item than with other decoration methods.

At Action, we contract with digitizers and embroiderers who use the best equipment to create high quality embroidery work.


Embroidery Examples

Embroidery Summary


  • High Percieved Value
  • 3D Effect Available
  • Good on headwear and Patches


  • Needs one time digitizing setup $$
  • Not good for small text
  • Not great for gradients
  • Expensive for Large Images


Most often, the image and garment dictate the best decoration method, so send us your artwork and we can recommend the best method.