Screen Printing

Traditional screen printing is a tried and true way of decorating apparel. Screen printing has a lengthy setup of making screens, mixing ink, registrering the screens, doing test prints, all before decorating a single garment. For that reason the cost is higher in the low quantities especially for high color artwork, but for larger runs becomes more cost effective.

Action has years of screen print experience and brings you only the highest quality of screen printing for your project. Screen printing also has a lot of special effects that aren't possible with heat applied graphics.


Screen Print Examples

Screen Print Summary


  • Cost effective for large quantities
  • Special effects available
  • Tried and True decoration method


  • High cost for low quantities
  • Longer lead time
  • High color images / gradients not as smooth


Most often, the image and garment dictate the best decoration method, so send us your artwork and we can recommend the best method.